$1500 Daily TiltBook Freerolls in April!

OMG! TiltBook freerolls every day in April?!

That is absolutely right! Doubling the prize money for freerolls from $750 to a total of $1,500, in April you can fight for a part of $50 prize pool with your fellow poker players... EVERY DAY!

The tournaments will start at 22:00 with all the other details remaining the same (same structure, no late registration and restricted amount of players) and password being avalible at 21:55 CET - five minutes before the start of the freeroll for all Rank 1+ users in the header.

ID: 710204288-710204318
Freeroll Name: Daily TiltBook Freeroll
Prizepool: $50
Section: Tournaments/Private 
Start: 1st April at 22:00 CET
Password: Only for users with Rank 1 (or higher)

How to reach Rank 1?

  1. Add a profile picture = 5 points
  2. Fill out all your account details = 45 points
  3. Post first status on your wall = 3 points
  4. All previous three actions = RANK1
  5. Time required = maybe 30 seconds

Also please keep in mind, that it takes a little while before your points and your Rank update, so do not panic if you are not Rank 1 right away after you completed the requirements.

We wish you all the best of luck!

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