2 months, 2k users

It is now two months since this poker social network came to life and to celebrate that anniversary we have come up with a brand new design as well as two new tools you can use from now on – Blogs and a Refer a friend function.

These were what we considered the best ideas suggested by you, the users and we would like to thank you very much once again for all your contributions.

We recieved a lot of e-mails with most of them suggesting two ideas we have already had in mind in the past, but did not have enough time to implement them. First one is a hand converter allowing you to include hands in your posts (we will work on this next year) and the second being an optimalization for mobile devices which we are planning to implement by the end of the year. Out of the new ideas we really liked the suggestion of introducing some kind of a blog that would allow users to write longer posts and summaries. This option is now avalible and the user “Mattusko “can enjoy his $250 prize for suggesting this idea, as well as suggesting a new homepage interface. Congrats!

Second place finisher is „c1zk0“ winning $150 for his idea of a Refer a friend function. Each user can now find his referral link in the Settings that you can send to your poker friends, on your Facebook/Twitter or use it as a signature on a forum. We will pay you $0,3 for every player that will get to Rank 1 using your  referral link by the end of the year (on your PokerStars account) with the minimum payout being $10. If you meet this condition, contact us here on TiltBook and we will check the data and hopefully reward you with the well-deserved money.

The third best idea we rewarded with a cash prize was an idea of a new ranking system by „MarcosoSVK“ which we will put into effect next month. Congrats to all our winners and thank you again!

Speaklng of cash prizes, as we are closing on 2,000 total users on TiltBook, we would like to celebrate this achievement with you by inviting you to a $200 freeroll that will take place on PokerStars on 9th December at 21:00 CET. Password will be revealed to all our Rank 1 members three hours prior to the start of the tournament.

Working on the new design and speed of the site in the past few weeks, we did not do much regarding the advertisement which resulted in getting only a handful of new members during this time. Starting Sunday however, we are again increasing our online visibility by advertising on several known poker websites inculding pokernews.com and we are expecting a lot of new members in the near future.

We really hope you like the new changes and we are looking forward to  all the new ideas, suggestions and bug-reports you can come up with in the future. Good luck from TiltBook.com!


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