$200 TB HomeGame Special This Sunday!

Celebrating 20,000 members this week, we are running a special homegame tournament on Sunday with $200 added in special prizes!

Do not miss out on this awesome opportunity to play with your fellow mates and TiltBookers including Masuronike and Scarmaker this week and win a share of at least $200 in cash prizes!  Add our special $2,20 tournament to your Sunday session, celebrate with us the unbelievable feat of reaching 20,000 members and boost your bankroll! The prizes will include bounties on morons mentioned above, consolation prize for the last place and a very special celebratory pay out for 20th place. There is also going to be a random raffle for extra bucks and of course, more money will be added to top finishers!

All the details including prizes breakdown is listed below, we are alasdready looking forward to seeing you there and playing with you!!

Tournament details:

Network: PokerStars (HomeGames Section)
Start: 5th April at 20:00 CET
Buy-in: $2,20
Prize Pool: A minimum of $200 (extra prizes will be paid manually)

How to join TiltBook Homegames?

Open up your PokerStars client, select Homegames tab, then go for Join a Poker Club and fill-in the following data:  

Club ID (Number): 855455        
Invitation Code: hoddor20

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