$215 Life Without Poker PROMO!

Awarding a Sunday Million ticket to @Trki for his last month's hilarious playing place entry, we are bringing a "best picture" kind of a promo back in November too, this time with a different topic and theme!

Poker. For most, it is just a game, a fun way to spend some free time, ideally with your friends, to get some relax and enjoy some laughs alongside a pint of beer, at your home or in a casino. For many, it has grown into something much bigger and some time ago unthought - a noble profession, an interesting and unusual way to earn money and to support your lifestyle. And then there are some, for whom poker has become a lifestyle on its own. Giving us a special sense of freedom in this get-a-college-degree-and-work-9-to-5 world we are, in some ways, getting sick of every day

No matter which category you fall into, we all simply love the game. Poker is why we are all here, poker is what connects us, seemingly random people, from all corner of the world. It is our passion. But try to imagine that there was no poker at all or that you had never gotten into in in the first place. What would your life, your world, be like?

Answers to exactly those question is what can lead you to a $215 Sunday Million ticket at the end of November! Following last month's "ticket for the best picture" promo won by Trki, we have decided to bring this sort of a promo back, with a slightly different theme!

Post your picture(s) into the official promo group (a qualifying pic must have a TiltBook reference in it) for your chance to play in a Sunday Million for free!

Good luck to you all, we are looking forward to all your posts!

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