3rd TB Anniversary with $333 Added and MOAR!

Join us for our epic celebration of TiltBook’s third birthday - we’re gonna have cookies, fermented food and buttloads of prize money!

The unthinkable is becoming the reality! 3 years into all this TiltBook shit and not only we still have the budget to run it, we can even give parts of it away!

Originally, we would have liked to offer you thousands. However, since we have over 21,500 members now and plenty of you are roaming the site on an hourly basis, investing into servers was a higher priority.

Nevertheless, we do have some fun and a nice bunch of added prize money for you this year anyways! So what do we have in store for you?

3rd Anniversary TiltBook HomeGames

03.10.2015 (Sat) – 05.10.2015 (Mon)
3 events plus Main Event and a FreeTroll!
$333 Added in Special Fun Prizes
Including a leaderboard for $33,33

Event structure below


$33 for helping me out!

Creating these funky pay-out structures is tough and by the time I got to the last event, I was exhausted. I need your help! I have $66 left to give away in a $3.30 tourney and I want you to come up with ways of paying them out. Get creative with bounties, added money for whatever-place finishes, random player raffles, specific achievements and whaton!

See the structure below for your own inspiration
post your suggestions here!


Special TiltBook birthday cash game stream

See the likes of masuronike, Jdawg91, bigstealer, abarone68 and more clash in a bloody TiltBook cash game with live commentary!

More info coming soon



  Here is the tournament breakdown

 3rd Anniversary TiltBook HomeGames
03.10.2015 – 05.10.2015
Club ID (Number): 855455
Invitation Code: hoddor20


-- EVENT #1 --
Welcome Freeroll $30 Added
03.10.2015 at 20:00 GMT
Celebratory tourney for everyone with a special 3rd place prize and a chance to qualify for the Main Event!
3rd Place - $15
5 players picked randomly get $3,30


-- EVENT #2 --
$33 Hardcore High Roller
w $7.50 Knockouts
04.10.2015 at 21:00 GMT
No added prize money, no gimmicks, no shit. Just plain and simple $33 winner takes all deathmatch for one to become the Ultimate TiltBook Champion!
Winner Takes All


$3,30 with $200 Added!
04.10.2015 at 20:30 GMT
The official TiltBook 3rd Anniversary Main Event with a bunch of different prizes!
$30 bounty on MASUR0N1KE
$30 bounty on Scarmakerrrr
3rd place gets $50 bonus
33rd place gets $20 bonus
Every 3 levels a random table will be asked a TB quiz question. The first player to answer correctly will get $10! (starting at level 13)


-- EVENT #3 --
$3,30 Make Your Own Event
05.10.2015 at 20:00 GMT
$66 in added prize money distrubuted whatever way you can think of!
Suggest them here!


05.10.2015 at 22:30 GMT
The most intesne freeroll ever played!
$3 Winner Takes All


All tournament results go towards a special 3rd anniversary leaderboard with the most successful grinder earning additional $33,33!

We are looking forward to see you all there! I am sure we will have some awsum time!

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