$550 in December TiltBook promotions!

With the month of Christmas carelessly coming through the door just like Steven Seagel to a swarmed military base deep in the enemy territory, we simply could not resist the gentle pressure of this rotten consumer society! And so with some love in our hearts and cash in our hands, we bring you TiltBook's December promotions!

This lovely holiday was always mostly about getting together with your family, friends and the community of people you love and enjoy being around. And, well, when you think about it, that is exactly what TiltBook is all about too! In fact, the only difference between the two is that unlike Christmas, TiltBook is around every day and throughout the entire ye. So, that is the definitive proof that TiltBook IS better than Christmas!

However, the main point of this whole article is that we have gifts too and especially this month, we are giving away loads of them to as much people as possible! HOOORAAAAAY!

$215 Sunday Million ticket!

First off, congratulations to "fulixas" the winner of last month's Sunday Million ticket for his EPIC entry in the "Why should you win the Sunday Million ticket" promotion. Hope he wins big in the tourey and will make us all proud! :)

We are expecting lots of interesting blogs in December summarising the year and whatnot and we have decided to give you some extra motivation with this month's $215 Sunday Million ticket will be awarded to the author of the best blog post published! That is the only condition and it is only up to you what will YOU do to make it the best. However, just like this article has proven - the funnier, the better!

Promotion lasts until the end of the year and the prize will be awarded shortly afterwards.

$300 in Daily $10 Giveaway!

If you do not consider yourself a good writer or do not feel like you have too much interesting stuff to write about, you do not have to worry at all. In December we will be giving away a total of $300 with $10 a day for completing a simple task!

Every day starting now, we will publish mini-promo on its own for $10 on TiltBook and our social media fan pages (Facebook and Twitter). To get an idea, these will include posting a specific type of post, a themed fun picture, inviting members to TiltBook and more :)

These promos will last, again, until the end of the 2013!

$50 in Scarmaker's Series!

With Christmas festivities under way, TiltBook's leading elite is bringing the good old SS back to life! Scarmaker's Series is a carefully designed bunch of upcoming fun private tournaments with ridiculous structures, plot twists, bounties, easter eggs, VIP guests, mad plays, extra cash and a little bit of pussy juice to spice things up!

More info regarding this coming up very very soon :P

Good luck to you all! :)

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