$750 for you in March TiltBook freerolls!

Five freerolls will be held this month, second starting by this sunday, on 31th March on PokerStars at 21:00 CET.

Knowing how much you have enjoyed our TiltBook freerolls in February, we did not have the heart to stop doing them and, in fact, we have decided to make them even better this month!

With $750 in cash prizes, no late registration and restricted amount of players, we hope you will enjoy our tournaments as much as ever! There will be a total of 5 freerolls for you in March, each played as usually – on Sunday at 21:00 CET.

3 freerolls will have the prize pool of classic $50 (restricted to 1000 players), 2 will be played for $300 (restricted to 2000 players), so do not miss out on those!

The requirement of being at least Rank 1 in order to see the password that will show 5 minutes before the start of the tournament still remains. Password to the first freeroll will be revealed in the header - the very top part of the website ( from 20:55 CET).

Freeroll Summary

ID: 696442817
Freeroll Name: Rank1 TiltBook Freeroll 
Prizepool: $50
Section: Tournaments/Private 
Start: 31th March at 21:00 CET
Password: Only for users with Rank 1 (or higher)

How to reach Rank 1?

  1. Add a profile picture = 5 points
  2. Fill out all your account details = 40 points
  3. Post two statuses on your wall = 6 points
  4. All previous three actions = RANK1
  5. Time required = maybe 30 seconds

Also please keep in mind, that it takes a little while before your points and your Rank update, so do not panic if you are not Rank 1 right away after you completed the requirements.

We wish you all the best of luck!

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