A Guide to Getting Followers!

A brief guide on how to make more people become interested in what you do in your poker as well as non-poker career and to get them to read and comment more on whatever you post.

With the TiltBook community constantly growing and people being more willing to follow each other, it sometimes happens that some of your posts remain unnoticed among all the others in the news feed. Now, this can happen for a number of different reasons and in this article we are going to tackle some of those in order for you to increase your visibility on the site!

First, I would like to begin with what I call the golden rule of social media following:
If you would like others to show interest in your work, posts and comments, show your interest in theirs.

It is a sort of a unwritten reciprocity of the social media - you do something for me and I do something for you and vice versa. This has actually two advantages. Not only you will get the attention of the people you are commenting on, you will also get the attention of the other people who are also reading/commenting on that person's status. My advice would be to try to find people who play the same games as you are as those are the ones that can gain profit from the most as well as find interest in you at the same time.

Quality over quantity

A second very important concept regarding the issue, the idea is that the more quality posts you publish, the more willing people are to read and interact with the rest of your posts as well. This also concerns commenting - people will be more interested in you if they consider your comments on other people's statuses worth reading.

The smart mix of the first two rules is the way to go:
Comment on other people, but try to keep the content of your comments interesting instead of just spamming everyone's posts just to get attention.

Make your post interesting and noticeable.

Now, this sounds like an obvious advice and it kind of is. The real question here is how to actually accomplish that goal. Well, that, of course, depends on what kind of post are we actually talking about. What I noticed the most though is that the majority of the Boom replayer hands are left without any notice and this is mostly because people just post a link to the hand without ANY additional content. What I suggest here is a brief hint of what people are going to see if they click on the link plus adding a fun picture to it make the chance of someone noticing your post considerably higher. Here are some great recent examples of what I mean:

Adding pictures or even GIFs to your posts is a great thing to make them look more interesting in general. Oh, and of course, always pre-read them before posting to check for typos! :)

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