Play Rank 1 TiltBook Freerolls in February for $500!

Four freerolls will be held this month, starting by tomorrow, on 24th February on PokerStars at 21:00 CET.

Password to the first freeroll will be revealed in the header - the very top part of the website, but only from 20:55 CET - 5 minutes before the tournament starts. The main requirement to take place in these freerolls remains the same: You need to be at least Rank 1 in order to see the password.

An important update: like/share and retweet this article about our february freerolls to win more.

500 Facebook likes + 200 Twitter Retweets= additional $450 for first twenty players.

From now on, if this article gets 500 likes and 200 retweets, first 20 players in our freeroll will receive a share of additional $450!

Freeroll Summary

ID: 680817940
Freeroll Name: Rank1 TiltBook Freeroll 
Prizepool: $50
Section: Tournaments/Private 
Start: 24th February at 21:00 CET
Password: Only for users with Rank 1 (or higher)
Bonus: $450 for 500 Facebook Likes + 200 Twitter Retweets

How the prize pool will be divided between the players:

  • $50 as usual
  • $450 (if the linked article gets 500 likes and 200 retweets) - for the top 20 players

How to reach Rank 1?

  1. Add a profile picture = 5 points
  2. Fill out all your account details = 40 points
  3. Post two statuses on your wall = 6 points
  4. All previous three actions = RANK1
  5. Time required = maybe 30 seconds


We wish you all the best of luck!

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