Amaya announces even MORE changes!

As a poker community we are not only following, but also working on the current VIP programme situation to our very best abilities. This took a lot of effort, but we managed to get access to some inside, previously unreleased info about even more upcoming changes.



Our inside source made it clear that what was so far officially revealed by Amaya is just a small portion of numerous changes awaiting all the players in 2016. While we ourselves do not have access to ALL the information, the following will soon become reality with a decent enough reliability that we are confident to publish it.

First, in line with the partial scrap-off of the PokerStars rewards system, the following changes will affect the VIP Store part of the programme:

  • Packages to live events will feature only one-way flight tickets as opposed to round-trip tickets offered so far.
  • Sleeves on all PokerStars T-Shirts will be abolished in order to save up on the production costs.
  • From 2016 onwards, PokerStars "Black" T-shirt will become even darker.
  • Charity Donations section will include an option to send cash to a number of soon-to-be ex-SNEs.
  • SuperNova Elite Token of Appreciation and PokerStars Shark Stress Toy will merge into a single item.
  • For a period of time, Books section will be offering publications on cash games and MTTs for discounted prices, you poor sit & go shmucks.
  • Depending on your VIP status, the amount of plastic in "100% Plastic Playing Cards" will be reduced by 0% - 47%.
  • A high-quality sunscreen will become avalible as we are expecting a lot of regulars to start spending more time outdoors. Furthermore, the sunscreen may help the regs handle all the raping we have in store for 2016.
  • Along with banning auto-seating scripts, we will also start offering standing desks at discounted prices to discourage this kind of behaviour even further.

The Grinders’ Alliance of Israel has already called this a "VIP programme holocaust" as PokerStars continues to destroy its legacy.

You should know that small albeit key excerpt of Amaya representatives announcing these changes was actually already leaked to public. Viewers discretion is advised however, as watching Risitas explaining the news is not a nice sight.


Although the outrage among regulars following these news is simply massive, it is certainly not unexpected – and our villains know that as well. It will come as no surprise, that Amaya is about to launch a giant marketing campaign, pieces of which have been leaked as well:



To be completely fair though, Amaya does have a point when it comes to catering to recreational players. We got a hang of an exclusive interview with one of Russian amateur enthusiasts and he was clearly very fond of the upcoming state of PokerStars’ programme.

That said, a lot of established high-volume grinders contacted us, wanting to express their own particular feelings about their future. We decided to pick one interview, that, in our opinion, sums it all up for everyone.


Seriously though

To say that we are frightened by what is going to happen in 2016 would be a tremednous understatement. With the market leader doing all it possibly can to bring poker back to "pure gamble" ages, we are standing at the possiblity of online poker as we know it ceasing to exist. Despite all that was put together in this post, we want to let you know that we are taking this matter as seriously as serious it is and we will not stay quiet.

We are working on ways to let people in question understand how disgraceful these changes are to everyone who is or aspires to become a true poker player and we want you to join us.

We will be releasing more info regarding this soon. Very soon.


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