AskThePRO with Jeff Metajan

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This week's special guest: Jeff Metajan

I was supernova on Pokerstars grinding 24 tables online at NL50 and NL100 as a rakeback grinder when Black Friday forced me to adjust to live poker. I needed to adjust very quickly because poker was my main source of income. It was crucial to get back on the grind as soon as possible because I needed to support my wife and kids being the only income provider. Since then I studied the live game through books, watching training videos, and listening to podcasts. However, my major factor to my success was talking to other winning professionals. I spend the majority of my time grinding 2/5 NLH. However I also play 5/10 NLH when it runs from time to time and dabble in 2/5 PLO as well. I also play high Stakes tournaments when they are in my area or state.

My best cash was recently at $3,500 WPT Championship with 1,795 players where I took 30th place. Poker has given me the opportunity to live my dreams, do what I want, provide for my family, and has give me a very blessed life. That's why I have dedicated a part of my time to teaching others and helping others that love the game as much as I do and help them achieve the same success and more!!

Want free live poker strategies? Go to to my lollivepoker.com website and subscribe to me email list by putting your name and email in the box on the page. To receive personal coaching from me, check out my posting on twoplustwo.

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