AskThePRO with kazor!

Do not miss pro PLO specialist and coach kazor from yourdoompoker.com this Wednesday at 16:00 CET!

We would like to invite all our users to watch and participate in yet another AskThePRO episode on TiltBook.com that will take place on Wednesday, 11.12.2013 at 16:00 CET!

Starting a bit earlier this week, you can begin posting your questions right now and when the session begins, our hero will choose and answer your best and most interesting ones in a course of exactly one hour (during which you can still post more questions)!

This week's special guest: kazor

While many can’t their heads around working with four cards at any given time, others are making more than a decent living out of it! Our this week’s guest known only as kazor is exactly one of those people who have managed to master the game, playing up to $5/$10 blinds and occasionally even higher. Kazor is also a very popular coach for YourDoomPoker.com having two in-depth PLO courses avalible – How To Crush PLO Cash Games and Expert Play For Small, Medium and High Stakes.

kazor will be live on TiltBook to answer all your cool questions on Wednesday, 11.12.2013 at 16:00 CET at www.tiltbook.com/AskThePRO. And as always, remember the best question posted will win $20!

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