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We would like to invite all our users to watch and participate in yet another AskThePRO episode on TiltBook.com that will take place on Wednesday, 21.08.2013 at 20:00 CET!

You can start posting your questions right now and when the session begins, our hero will choose and answer your best and most interesting ones in a course of exactly one hour (during which you can still post more questions)!

This week's special guest: Bill "AintNoLimit" Hubbard

Bill Hubbard is known as the highest-rated live No Limit Hold'em coach on the 2+2 poker forums teaching his students how to crush it both on and off the felt. Having taken close to 90 students from being breakeven $1-$2 players to become successful grinders at games up to $5-$10, his biggest coaching success was turning a $2-$5 breakeven Justin Oliver into a WSOP bracelet winner this year taking a $315,000 prize!

We strongly recommend his coaching website http://anlpoker.com/ where you can find all the details about Bill as well as his 2+2 coaching thread avalible at http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/164/cash-game-poker-coach-listings/live-no-limit-holdem-coaching-1-2-2-5-5-10-proven-course-live-testimonials-1014225/

As always, the best question posted will win $20!

Bill will be live on TiltBook on Wednesday, 21.08.2013 at 20:00 CET! so do not miss your chance to ask him pretty much anything!

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