BONUS: Ivka's super boring and stupid pLAYERsvk story!

A little something something that did not fit into the first parts, but was a shame to leave out!

pLAYERsvk can explain a lot of things (including female hormones), but no matter what, make sure you dont let him guide you from point A to point B!

I feel like a great story is coming up right now!

It was a funny one, but it got to a point where I almost did not want to talk to him ever again. Me and Vovo were staying at pLAYER's place in Prague one time and we wanted to see Petřín (a very popular sight-seeing landmark in Prague). Of course, we never got there. pLAYER was supposed to take us there, but his way was taking a screenshot of the map of Prague zoomed to like 1 : 2000 and checking that „it should be somewhere around THERE.“

So we began our journey around Prague, looking for trams that were supposed to take us to a nearby stop. Eventually we got to one called „Na Petřiny,“ but it turned out that this was a completely different place. I should also say that we just had a big 3-day tournament before this, the Czech Championship, so you can imagine that my legs were gone and I was very tired overall.

We got to that „Na Petřiny“ stop after like two hours and once we got there pLAYER just kept looking around, confused about where we actually are. Back then, he was like the biggest nerd you can imagine and he wasn’t even able to ask the bus driver how to get to Petřín – he was too afraid to start a conversation :D

By this time we began to get quite mad. He eventually finally asked someone and it turned out we now had to go all the way back to the other side of Prague to get there. And as I said, we never really did. Also, we had a very similiar story with the city centre, which ended with a comment of „Ivet I get it, you’re a woman.“ and I just called him an idiot and we left for home.

So, yeah. But he managed to get less and less socially awkward from that point on and eventually, we became really great friends! :))

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