Did PokerStars Go Completely Nuts?

It seems like the whole site is falling apart. We have brought together a compelling amount of evidence that something is definitely going on and it is not just the changes. All that in today's weekly recap!

Before we begin with the usual stuff, I would like just to quickly remind you that we are currently (1st to 3rd December) fighting those greedy sonsuvabitches by doing what players all over the world are really good at - not grinding whatsoever. We are joining the russian poker forum in the efforts of showing Amaya that we as players can unite for a cause and so if you are able, please restrain yourself from playing on the site for the next couple of days and possibly cash out some funds as well. Thank you!


RNG can't handle this

Over the last week, some pretty epic hands have been posted on the site and while I usually do not bother much with hands (I prefer oral), some stuff like this bit by BigTunna99 just cannot be left behind:


Hello there, Royal!

Hands like the one above raised some suspicion about PokerStars turning on doomswitches for all the TiltBook members due to the WeAreAllIn campaign running, but as shown by bardaks86 and more people down below, we are actually doing pretty good so far.


The King of the Splits

Last week we had a marvelous hand from radazatl who managed to split his red AK vs AcKc on a 3c 4c 6c flop when the popular Jokerstars dealer managed to fill the rest of the board with a straight flush. That was already something out of this world, but adding this miracle this week, I am hereby crowning radazatl as the King of the Splits. Take that Jean Claude!


and sometimes, the split just isn't enough for this guy:


pablokakalo with a sweet score!

Such hands are nothing if they do not mount up to a nice MTT bink. In the case of pablokakalo, they sure did though. Congratulations! :)


The Poles had enough

With all those beauties above, not only is the TiltBook doomswitch theory completely disproven, some of our villains actually went ahead claiming that TiltBook is part of some giant conspiracy that involves juicing everyone of their money. The Poles, in particular, had enough of all our luck, as reported by PumaPerez.


Wanna see yourself in here next week?

If you posted anything that is worth a place in the weekly recap and you want to make sure it will make it, send me (Scarmaker) a private message and I will check how delusional you actually are!

In the meantime, take care! :)

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