Drunk and Steady

I can't promise no Amaya bullshit, but after a lengthy talk with my weekly recap here, we've decided it is best to move on and focus on less awful topics. Like excessive drinking for instance.

Connor Drinan is a somewhat mysterious figure in the poker world. Most famous for his AA vs AA bust out in the One Drop, I lot of people had no clue who this man is and how did he manage to get into a $1,000,000 buy-in thing. Thankfully, following yet another big tourney appearance, a high stakes pro and Connor's manager Jason Mo provided us with some really deep insight into Drinan's personality, as reported by Alficor1:

Belosi the pain deliverer

Chopping a $44 Hotter for $12,000 is a damn sweet deal and sign that you are running pretty well as is the case of belosi. But I really do not think that you need any more signs of running hot when you can beat two pocket aces with 9Jo on a 2x 2x 4x rainbow flop.


The worst read ever

When you are playing so bad that you can't even read someone's avatar properly. Check out this gold line by superuorme as he breaks someone's classic chat rant into pieces.



is on a massive stock market downswing right now. Posted by Sentin, I am pretty sure this is the kind of piece of Amaya news that will make some people here a bit happy.


Seda16 with a revolutionary vision

What does Seda16 and Martin Luther King have in common? They both had a dream and a lot of people would be willing to shoot the man if he went forward to make that dream a reality.


Gavin555 is our Joker of the Week

You can check Gavin's profile to see his contender to hit the top of TiltBook's most liked posts, but as a pretty obvious catlover, I am gonna show you my personal favorite here instead:

"getting hero called by a random"


Wanna see yourself in here next week?

If you posted anything that is worth a place in the weekly recap and you want to make sure it will make it, send me (Scarmaker) a private message and I will check how delusional you actually are!

In the meantime, take care! :)

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