Girlfriends Are Taking Over TiltBook!

The lack of posting on my part might have lead some into thinking I do have one, but thank god, that is not the case. However, other TB members are getting screwed by their relationships, as demonstrated in my today's weekly recap comeback no one was waiting for whatsoever.


Sarahl merges ranges with sebkarlsson

It might be the best sell in all of poker. Very deep into the game, Sarahl went for a sickly bold move, brought out this "marriage" thingy and somehow managed to get sebkarlsson to call. Rumours say Seb did not even get to use any of his time bank, which makes me give even more credit to Sarah's incredible play. It was sheer brilliance indeed, especially in the scale of things, as this play puts her in a tremendous position to get rest of the Seb's chips later on. Congratulations to both of them!


But Sarah and Seb weren't the only couple that decided to bring their relationship to a brand new level. Although in this particular case of johnan1988, it is not entirely known what kind of level are we actually talking about here.


czeng does it the right way!

We all need girlfriends like this.

But I want zjago to become my girlfriend!

Over a month ago, in one of his posts zjago was blabbering about some nonsense regarding dedication, hard work and whatnot. That post got two likes. Mainly because, you know, he blabbered about some nonsense regarding dedication, hard work and whatnot. But 45 days later, zjago is taking our breaths away with a graph full of amazing progress, indicating that he has some serious skill and no girlfriend at all.


Epiphany beats both Lynn and social awkwardness

The lovely Lynn Gilmartin isn't Charlie's girlfriend as far as I am concered, but given this sweet little exchange of cuteness as well as chips worth thousands of euros, I wouldn't be way too surprised if that changed.

spamtastic's hilarious Spin & Go gallery

If you like the Spins, first of all, fuck you.
But also, you are going to love what spamtastic's been posting lately. If you hate Spin & Gos, you are going to love even some more. Here is just a little piece of it all:

"Today I reached 12k spins played... still not had more than a 25x"


And pokerlife2k9 is at it again!

And he is doing bits of pure epicness once again. Good enough for the Joker of the Week award, especially after his take of what do Spins actually look like:


Wanna see yourself in here next week?

If you posted anything that is worth a place in the weekly recap and you want to make sure it will make it, send me (Scarmaker) a private message and I will check how delusional you actually are!

In the meantime, take care! :)


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