Huge Fiasco Shadows Over TiltBook

The site dedicated to promoting poker as a safe & skill game requiring some talent and loads of hard work has failed miserably to fulfill its goal. Sad news shadow over TiltBook's third birthday celebration. Russ Hamilton has more on the story.

Over the last few days, TiltBook Homegames were buzzing with added prizes and the run for TiltBook glory was joined by the site's most skillful players and Alficor1. After all the dust settled though, the results were frightening - despite some of the toughest fields ever assembled, 3 out of 5 events were won by Scarmaker. In the 4th one a 78-year old Frenchman got the best of it playing against SNs and SNEs of the world. With that, our last hopes of ever proving that poker should be considered as a skill game got shattered to pieces. Sorry.

Meet sydneysyd's father-in-law - our welcome freeroll winner


The new era of bots!

Lazy-ass grinders are constantly trying their best to avoid putting in hours, with some resorting to actually buying expensive bots. Well, hotjenny314 is one step ahead of everyone and instead of a bot, she bought a "new and improved grinder." Good for her.

Solve this and win nothing!

I was thinking about including quiz questions in my weekly recaps, but as proven in the TiltBook's Main Event, I suck terribly at making up quiz question. Thankfully, Ryan from YourDoomPoker has a cool one for you guys to solve. Can you get it?


Nice scores all over TiltBook last week!

While Scarmaker was messing around in those bloody homegames playing Bakuki n shit, plenty of our members were out there binking real tournaments. Taska85 was at it again, with a now boringly usual €7,000 hit on pokerstars.fr. But it was STTranger who caught my attention as after a break from posting, he came back winning 2 tourneys out of 10 tries, including this sweet bankroll improver. Congratz to all!

YugiohPro a star of ESPN footage!

I forbid myself from including my own stuff in here, but I am pretty sure I will understand why I had to make an exception in this case (not that I can't do whatever I want in here):

Wanna see yourself in here next week?

If you posted anything that is worth a place in the weekly recap and you want to make sure it will make it, send me (Scarmaker) a private message and I will check how delusional you actually are!

In the meantime, take care! :)

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