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We would like to invite all our users to watch and participate in yet another AskThePRO episode on TiltBook.com that will take place on Wednesday, 08.05.2013 at 20:00 CET!

You can start posting your questions even now and when the session begins, our hero will choose and answer your best and most interesting ones in a course of exactly one hour (during which you can still post more questions)!

This week's special guest: Jay (krantz) Rosenkrantz

Although we have had some more than familiar names in our hot seat in the past, Jay "krantz" Rosenkrantz is without a doubt the brightest star to ever accept our invitation to be a part of TiltBook's AskThePRO session.

A huge name in the online poker world, one of the creators of the highly popular poker comedy cartoon The Micros, one of the stars of 2 Months 2 Million show and a shark of online cash games in one person, Jay needs no introduction. Although I have a feeling I just did one.

Nevertheless, meet krantz in his 2 Months 2 Million bio:

Jay is also currently working on a highly promising poker documentary called "BET RAISE FOLD" starring loads of interesting names of the poker world. Be sure to check out the already released deleted scene about Phil Ivey as well as the website of the project http://betraisefoldmovie.com

If you would like to know more about Jay, The Micros, 2M2M, Bet Raise Fold, Jay's life or poker in general, do not miss your chance to do just that on Wednesday, 08.05.2013 at 20:00 CET!

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