Join a week-long strike starting 1st January

Following the end of 3-day December strike, the reactions are mixed - some claim it was a decent success, while others deem the results to be disappointing. Looking at the numbers, more players have joined the games on PokerStars this week compared to the previous one, but that is understandable given the massive promotions the site has launched on 1st December.

We are thrilled that over 2,500 players were able to unite and restrain from any play on the first day of the stirke. By doing so they almost completely killed the action on high stakes cash games and sit & gos where the majority of PokerStars’ rake is generated.  This is especially encouraging to us since the end of the year is the time when the most of the high-volume regs are putting in huge amounts of volume to meet their yearly goals – and they can hardly afford to miss any days of play whatsoever. Because of that we believe the best time to organise a full-scale protest is at the very beginning of the year. That is why we are planning a week-long strike starting on 1st January 2016.

Why are we so confident that this can work?

Amaya as a public-traded company cares about nothing but numbers. Imagine we bring these numbers down. Like 5,000 – 10,000 players showing no activity on PokerStars for a noticeable period of time kind of down. Given that most of these players are high-volume grinders, the drops in traffic accross many formats would be absolutely massive, resulting in significant drops in the total amount of games running. Even with the strike coming to an end, the returning players will adapt to the new changes by reducing the amount of tables and playing lower stakes in order to keep as much edge as possible.

According to people from MTTmarket, getting anywhere close to 10,000 protesters (with these being mostly GoldStars and above) could reduce the amount of rake PokerStars will generate by almost 30%. That’s something Amaya simply won’t be able to ignore and will result in the VIP changes being reviewed and possibly pulled back. We will also be discussing options to move to other sites at least during the protest period to further strengthen its impact by increasing the amount of games running on other platfroms.

What’s our mission?

We consider Amaya’s decision to not pay out SuperNovas and SuperNova Elites their full advertised value to be a broken promise. If PokerStars won’t budge about the new changes, we will demand for the rake to be reduced, as that is the only change that could truly healthen the poker ecosystem – for both high-volume regulars and occasional recreationals.

How are we going to get this done?

As a poker social network, we will do all in our power to spread the word about our mission around the poker globe. We managed to gather over 1,000 players already including some of the biggest names in online poker and that motivates us to go even bigger.

That said, we won’t get this done without you. We need your help. The reason why this campaign is called We Are All-In is that we are all in this together and we’re all fighting for the same cause. If everyone of you can get at least couple of their fellow regs and friends to know about this, we can easily become massive enough to convince Amaya that the changes they introduced are no good for anyone who loves to play.


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