Join OnlinePokerLeague and win $5k for the best player of the series

Online Poker League brings together players from some of the largest poker websites and affiliates in the World to deliver huge added value tournaments at the biggest and best online poker rooms. Not only that, but players are rewarded through our OPL leaderboard rankings every season, with $10,000 in cash being awarded to 100 people.

TiltBook users can participate in this series as well, all you need to do is to register at poker room through our links at the end of the article. There will be 1 or 2 tournaments every day for 2 months with buy-in $5+$0.50 and added money/electronic, series has started 15.11. and ends 15.1. and good thing is that just top10 results count into the leaderboard, so you don't need to play everyday to hit $5k for the 1st place in leaderboard and you also have chance to hit 1st prize even if you already have account at some of the rooms, where OPL is played. 

Earning points

Users earn points based on their finishing position in league tournaments as follows:



Prizes paid by the league will be paid a maximum of 10 working days after the league has finished and can be paid via one of the following methods: Paypal, European Bank Transfer, Skrill, Select number of online poker rooms. Prizes of $200 and under will be paid into a poker room account. In the event of a tie between positions, prizes from the positions tied will be added together and then divided amongst the users involved. OPL Season 1 offers the following prizes to users:



In order to ensure all your results are tracked properly and standings are as transparent / up to date as possible, Online Poker League will reconcile data as follows:

  • If the same word or name exists within a screename for one poker room and does not conflict with any other users at that room, then all similar names found at other poker rooms will be assumed to be connected to the same user.
  • We offer a screename binding process. Please fill in the form and screenames will be linked together appropriately.

Schedule and leaderboard

For the schedule you can follow this account onlinepokerleague, where you will find all informations about upcoming tournaments. Both schedule and leaderboard will be implemented to TiltBook soon. 

Eligible Poker Rooms

Keep in mind that you can play these tournaments just if you register your account through this links. Delete your cookies before you click on the link to be sure you will be eligible to play these tournaments.










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