Join our TiltBook Homegames!

Join our official TiltBook Homegames club on PokerStars and play with your fellow TB members! Club ID (Number): 855455 / Invitation Code: hoddor20

What are TiltBook Homegames?

With our community growing with each and every day, we have always loved the idea of our members being able to play and compete with each other in all kinds of freeroll/micro fun and challenging poker tournaments and games in an exclusive and private club. Fortunately, the PokerStars Homegames option allows exactly this and that is why we created our very own TiltBook homegames club for all our members with EXTRA ADDED CASH and PRIZES!

 How to join?

Open up your PokerStars client, select Homegames tab, then go for Join a Poker Club and fill-in the following data:  

Club ID (Number): 855455        
Invitation Code: hoddor20

After you apply, you will soon be added to the homegame by one of our administratiors. Once in, you can check out the schedule, leaderboards and register to any game running!


Apart from all the regular random free and microstake games that are there simply to provide you with an option to play with all your TiltBook friends and enemies as well, we are running or about to run a number of extra promotions mostly involving added money, bounties and all kinds of extra cash and prizes along with tournament leaderboards!

Special Added Prizes in October 2015!

Coming soon

We will announce the full schedule in the next few days at www.tiltbook.com!


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