Just log on and win $50!

In the month of June we will host a number of different promotions every week giving you a chance to win free money for simply being one of us! The very first one starts this Saturday (08.06.2013 at 00:00 CET) ands lasts until Friday (14.06.2013 at 23:59).

First off we are happy to announce that the winner of the last week's "Be the most suggested" promotion and $50 is "max280" (link http://tiltbook.com/Max280/)! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

The winner of this week's $50 credited to PokerStars account will be one of the users who logs on to TiltBook during the period. This user will be picked up randomly and there is nothing more of less one can do to increase or decrease their chance of winning.

That is right, just one log during the 7-day period and you can win $50, it is the easiest money we have ever given away!

So just visit us here at TiltBook.com and keep your fingers crossed!

Good luck!

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