More gifs, more money - $50 up for grabs!

In the month of August we are hosting a number of different promotions as well giving you a great chance to win some extra money every week, simply for being one of us! This week’s promotion takes place between Saturday (24.08.2013 at 00:00 CET) and Friday (30.08.2013 at 23:59).

Due to a great success with the promo so far we have decuded ti bring GIFs back for a third time! Your goal this week is to post a GIF that best suits the text "My mom finds out I play poker for real money"

Please note that there is now a new official group for this week's promo: http://tiltbook.com/Group/MymomfindsoutIplaypokerforrealmoney/

The qualifying post must have text "My mom finds out I play poker for real money" accompained by a suitable gif and has to be posted in the promo group. You can find an example of a qualyfing entry at http://tiltbook.com/Scarmaker/Status/57385

At the end of the promo we will choose 10 - 15 best/funniest entries, which will then enter a Spin The Wheel raffle, picking four who will win a total of $50 (1x $20 and 3x $10)!

We are looking forward to all the epic gifs!

More gifs, more money - $50 up for grabs!

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