New function: Add goals to your challenges!

The "Challenges" section just got improved. You can now add your specific goals and edit them during your progress!

If you have any poker goals  for the year or just want to stay motivated, you can set your challenge using a simple function at TiltBook. Now, thanks to the newest update, you can now even add goals and edit them during time

Add and edit your goals!

It is very similar to achievements you can find in many video-games nowadays. Decide what you want to accomplish, make a challenge and add goals to it. If you are successful, mark them as finished and continue in others. People can follow or rate your challenge and easy stay updated with your progress. Thanks to the followers it is very motivating and helps you to go harder for your dreams. Your goals are even getting showed at the home site of TiltBook, so even while you are reading posts of others, you are still getting reminded that you are trying to accomplish something and should get back to it!

If you don't wish to set a challenge for yourself, you can just follow others. Watch players like Masuronike, who is grinding for 2 million VPPs this year or PlayerSVK going from $10.000 to $150.000 by the end of september. Thanks to the goals, that are getting consistently updated, you can easy see how they are doing and show your support in the comments.

Set your challenge today and get playing and let us know how are you doing!

Step by step:

1) Click "Challenges" at the left menu

2) Select "Create a challenge" at the top right

3) Name your challenge, write a short description and choose time period

4) Add goals, describe them and select icon

5) Share!

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