New Rank system

Many of you were rightly suprised today by the fact that we have made several changes to the way we award points towards our ranking system.

Main reason for this is the recent trend of some users abusing this system by  getting to the top spots simply thanks to liking every possible status around without actually paying any attention to it's content. Not only these users weren't making our community any better, they were in fact making it worse by annoying a lot of our other members.

The "Top 5 Users" feature was originally meant to help our new users to easily find the most interesting members of our site for them to follow. However, because this system recently stopped serving it's purpose, we have decíded to change it and take away all points for liking other posts. We are now also awarding less points for spamming posts with useless comments like "lol" and for following other members.

Our goal is to fill the Top Users section with people who are posting the most interesting stuff and getting the most positive reactions from the community.  You can now find our best-rated members in the new Top 10 section (we are planning on increasing this number later on) or using the rank filter of our search tool.

To give you a basic idea of our intentions regarding the Top Users section, we have effectively removed users who had a very small amount of statuses posted and most of their points came from mass liking of other posts and following everyone and therefore freed space for members like llermaly (who just few days ago earned his SuperNova Elite on PokerStars), thepiper777 (the owner of sitngogrinders), Scarmaker (our by far the funniest member) or sit & go legends like jdawg91 and phasE89.

We very much appreciate the input of all our members, but we do feel that the changes we have made were neccesary as the ranking system stopped serving it's original purpose. Good luck to all of you and keep your eyes open for our next freeroll - more details to be posted soon! 

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