Over $250 in Christmas Tournament Series!

With our TiltBook Homegames on PokerStars up and running (Club ID: 855455 - Pass: hoddor20) we are kicking off our Christmas Tournament Series that runs between 25.12. and 30.12. with a total of 12 events and buy-ins mostly between 0$ - 1$. Each and every one event has some kind of added prizes totalling in over $250 given away to our TiltBook members in over 6 days!

Along with TiltBook's $100 thrown into the prize pools, Scarmaker, xAnGelxEyEzx and fulixas are adding a total of $80 of their own and husng.com coach Sentin is topping that with his heads-up video pack Crushing Fish Like A Boss worth $70!

The prizes include pure added cash to top finishers, bounties in EVERY event, prizes for winning with a certain hand, being the very first eliminated, random entries to Spin The Wheel for extra cash and more! All tournaments also come with different buy-ins, tourney structures and formats to make the experience even better. And of course, there is a tourneny leaderboard for extra cash to win as well!


General info regarding the series:

Series runs between 25.12. to 30.12 with a total of 12 events
Two events per day starting at 19:30 and 19:45 CET with Micro Fun open too at 20:00
All tournaments including "Micro Fun" tournaments count towards a tournament leaderboard (found in the club under Standings)
Extra prizes are listed here and in the decription of each tourney - they are sent to you manually after the tournament
Every Event has a $3 bounty on Scarmaker
Freerolls have "buy-ins" of 1 play money chip as there is not an option for setting up a freeroll.

The leaderboard pays the following:
1st Place - $10
2nd Place - $5
3rd Place - $5

 The full tournament schedule:

Event #01
AskThePRO Special
FREEROLL / 25.12.2013 at 19:30 / 6-max hyper
$5 Added Bounty on Masuronike
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker
$2 to each Top 6 finisher who asks a question in AskThePRO

Event #02
NLHE Classic
$0,55 BI / 25.12.2013 at 19:45 / 9-max turbo
1st +$4, 2nd+$3, 3rd +$2, 4th + $1
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker

Event #03
Sentin's HU Reprise
$0,55 BI / 26.12.2013 at 19:30 / Heads-up hyper
1st Place gets Sentin's video pack from husng.com worth $70!
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker

Event #04
Winner Takes Less
$0,25 BI / 26.12.2013 at 19:45 / 9-max turbo
9th, 15th and 24th place win +$3
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker

Event #05
Scarmaker's Rampage
$1,10 BI / 27.12.2013 at 19:30 / 6-max turbo
$5 to the 1st to win with 4c4s (post the hand on TB + screenshot)
$5 for the best joke/trollpost in the chat
$5 to first player busted out
+$5 to 5th place finisher
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker

Event #06
Deep Throat
$0,25 BI / 27.12.2013 at 19:45 / Deep Holdem
+$2 to the winner
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker

Event #07
Spin The Wheel
FREEROLL / 28.12.2013 at 19:30 / 9-max turbo
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker
Top 9 finishers get a random prize between $0,40 and 52,00 based on The Wheel
(See how The Wheel works)

Event #08
High Roller Championship
$3,30 BI / 28.12.2013 at 19:45 / 6-max deep hyper
+$10 to the Ultimate Champion
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker

Event #09
The Bounty Hunter
$0,30 BI / 29.12.2013 at 19:30 / 9-max turbo
+$5, $3 and $2 to three players with the most bounties
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker

Event #10
Main Event
$1,00 BI / 29.12.2013 at 19:45 / 6-max event
+$10, $5, $3. $2, $2 to Top 5 Places
$5 Added Bounty on Masuronike
$3 Added Bounty on Scarmaker
$3 to first person to bust out

Event #11
Layla's Angel Special
$0,50 BI / 30.12.2013 at 19:30 / 6-max turbo
+$8, $5, $3, $3 to Top 4 places
$5 Added Bounty on Layla (xAnGelxEyEzx)
$3 to first final tablist to shout out "I love you Layla" in the chat

Event #12
Fulixas' FreeLOL
FREE / 30.12.2013 at 19:45 / 9-max
$0,50 to first 5 people who bust out
$2,50 to 12th place finisher

All tournaments count towards the final points leaderboard including our regular Micro Fun!


How to join the club?

Open up your PokerStars client, select Homegames tab, then go for Join a Poker Club and fill-in the following data:  

Club ID (Number): 855455        
Invitation Code: hoddor20

After you apply, you will soon be added to the homegame by one of our administratiors. Once in, you can check out the schedule, leaderboards and register to any game running!

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