PokerStars Gives Away BILLIONS In Bounties!

and I am not talking about play money! Find out what the frick is going on in yet another weekly report on all that happened, might have happened or should have happened on TiltBook in the past seven days!

PokerStars gives away billions in bounties... at least that is what it said in the tournament lobbies. As misleading as presidential campaigns, nothing could have been further from the truth though - it was all just a buggy bug bug. Or was it? Couldn't it be some delibirate illuminati stunt Amaya is pulling on us? Well, one way or another, it was quickly fixed, but we are glad that SirLordJames and lepinto were quick enough to screen it down - nice catch guys!

 I guess if Epiphany77 knew about this, he wouldn't go off to Monte Carlo to ship European high-rollers for a measly million!


anjabaja and the best hand analysis ever

If there is one thing poker players are great at (except for finding overly creative ways of destroying computer accessories), its making excuses. I am pretty sure you have a thousand great reasons why are you currently reading this instead of grinding and we are even better at finding perfectly good reasons for why we misplayed the hand as terribly as we did. And yes - we did. Well, anjabaja went one step further:


noogaii is ready to scoop the SCOOP events - ALL OF THEM!

Irritated by the tournament success of Charlie "Epiphany77" Cattell and all the attention he is getting for it on the site, noogaii went all mad and pre-registered to pretty much all SCOOP events in order to take them all down and equal Charlie's profits. I mean, whose MTT schedule looks like this?? Even the tax-avoiding Greeks aren't regged in this many yet! Not to mention that he is off to a great a start as he is very deep in one of the big events already!


bigstealer and czechpepe reach huge milestones!

Great sit & go crusher czechpepe who is admired even by the likes of Masuronike and Mossos has reached his first SuperNova Elite. Naturally, I am talking about this year only as he's been a SNE for a couple of years straight now and he, of course, is aiming for at least one more in 2015. Meanwhile, bigstealer has stolen his way into 3,000,000 lifetime VPPs - big time numbers for big time players, eh?  For the record, I got 3100 yearly VPPs on Stars so far, if you wanna know. Ballin!!


pokerlife2k9 regains the Joker of the Week title!

He is a contender! Not that he wasn't in his usual top form last week or something, we just have to put others here and there as well, you know. Nevertheless, I have been talking big time numbers throught out the blogpost and it was not a coincidence. Because, as pokerlife2k9, who has been posting awesome stuff the entire week put it:


this is how it looks like when you say you're a NL2 reg



Wanna see yourself in here next week?

If you posted anything that is worth a place in the weekly recap and you want to make sure it will make it, send me (Scarmaker) a private message and I will check how delusional you actually are!

In the meantime, take care! :)

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