SCOOP "Put Da Hand DEEEPAH!" Challenge

Everyone playing this year's SCOOP is in for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind customised prize and enter the TiltBook's hall of fame forever! All it takes is a bit of a well-timed variance!

May 8th – May 23rd
(Throughout the SCOOP series)

Attention all grinders!  
Forget the guarantees, forget the final tables, forget the value of superhuge fields filled with one-tabling morons!
During this month’s SCOOP series, TiltBook is running its very own race for all the fame and glory. Crush the challenge, cement your place in the online poker history and earn yourself a once-in-a-lifetime custom-made TiltBook prize!

What in the world is going on?

This year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker, we will be paying a very close attention to how you perform in the dreaded world of tournaments. Between 8th and 23rd May, we are running a promotion avalible to all TiltBook members, where it is nothing more than your deep runs and your ability to Put Da Hand DEEEPAH! that matters. The winner of the challenge gets a very special one-of-a-kind TiltBook prize, sposored by Uganda’s favorite pastor Martin Ssempa.


What the hell am I supposed to do?

  • The point of the challenge is to post screenshots of your SCOOP deep runs to the official Put Da Hand DEEEPAH! challenge group during the series. A Deep Run is defined as having at least 10x the starting stack at any point of a given SCOOP event – could be the very first or the very last level of the tourney, does not matter at all.
  • After you do that, be sure to keep us updated in the screenshot’s comments section on how you’re Won a massive flip? Got two-outed on the river? Put it right in there!
  • Last, but not least, do not forget to post your final result of the event – we wanna know whether you managed to blunder your lovely stack like a fkin’ whale or turned your run into some sweet sweet cash!
  • Be the one with the most Deep Runs (10x starting stacks screenshots; only one screenshot per event counts towards the promo) and ship the prize!


What's in it for me?

Money comes and goes. Usually just goes, but... nah.  Screw money! In this promo, the ultimate winner will earn a one-of-a-kind, customized „Put Da Hand DEEEPAH!  TiltBook T-shirt, mailed right to your ass. The exact design of the shirt will be revealed very soon and the details (size, color, displayed name etc.) will be acustomed to the winner’s liking!

Furthermore, the player's feat will be forever sealed in site's history as well with a special Challenge Winner badge visible on the member's profile page - a new feature coming along with the TiltBook‘s brand new design.


So, who exactly is going to win again?

To make absolute sure - the winner of the „Put Da Hand DEEEPAH!“ challenge will be the one TiltBook member who manages to get the most SCOOP Deep Runs during the series, that is, the most screenshots of having at least 10x the starting stack in a given event. Remember, that only SCOOP events and only one screenshot per event count towards this challenge. Also, in order to be counted, the screenshot comment section shall be updated with how you eventually finished in the event.

Now, let's get to it!

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