TB Elite: Take a guess and win $50!

TiltBook hosts weekly promos from Saturdays 00:01 CET to Fridays 23.59 for ALL TiltBook users, always with some nice amount cash (usually up to $50| free to pick up! These promos almost always involve a very simple task the user has to accomplish that usually takes no more than 5 minutes of your time! Promos involve posting a funny gif picture, adding a hand using TiltBook's Hand Converter, simply being active on a site one way or another etc. Feel free to participate, your chances of winning are always quite high! :)

Today (17.09.2013) is your last chance to win in one of our easiest promos ever! There are currently 23 TiltBook Elites out there amd your goal is to take a guess how many of them we will have next Saturday (21.09.) at 12:00 CET.

In order to qualify, visit our TiltBook fan page on Facebook and scroll down to post talking about this promo. Add a comment with your guess and that's it! All you have to do after that is wait and hope that you are right!

Please note you have only until today, 23:59 CET to post your guess. All guesses after that will be removed from the competition.

The closest guess wins $50, in case of multiple winners, the prize will be divided equally.
Winners will be announced on Saturday!

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