The Last 2013 AskThePRO with Masuronike!

Yes indeed! A very special end-of-the-year AskThePRO coming up with His Undisputably Omnipotent Highness TiltBook Duke The Great Lord Of Oh Momma Council Fuck Yeah You Betcha I'm Good, Masuronike!

Formalities first, we would like to invite all our TiltBook members to watch and participate in the very last AskThePRO episode of 2013 on TiltBook.com that will take place on the Christmas Day - Wednesday, 25.12.2013 at 20:00 CET!

As is the tradition, you can begin to post your questions even right now and when the session begins, our this week's hero will choose and answer your best and most interesting ones in a course of exactly one hour (during which you can still post more questions)!

This week's special guest: Tomáš MasuronikeKubaliak

Also crowned as the "embracer of downswings", this high stakes hyper sit & go player, lousy husband and a shamelessly try-hard father is best known to all of you as the Founder of TiltBook.com. With the end of the year being right in front of the door just like an angry neighbor after having a bucket of horse poop thrown at his window, Masuronike will join the very last AskThePRO of the year to summarize and answer any questions you might have regarding his poker career or TiltBook as well as his leaks in husbandry.



We hope you will will the AskThePRO section with whole bunch of great and fun questions and give Masuronike a hard time! Along with the classic $20 AskThePRO prize, by asking a question this week your are qualifying for a possible bonus in our upcoming TiltBook Christmas Tournament Series, so do not hesitate! See you on the Christmas Day - Wednesday, 25.12.2013 at 20:00 CET at www.tiltbook.com/AskThePRO.


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