The Most Ridiculous Moments In Poker 1

Watch some of the most ridiculous, weirdest and funniest moments in the history of televised poker in our brand new series! Pick the ones you liked the most in the comment section!

In a year and a half of TiltBook's existence we have dedicated the news section solely to important imformation and promos involving only TiltBook itself while ignoring everything that is happening around the poker globe. We have, however, decided to spice things up a little bit and a results, we are bringing you the very first article of our new series called "The Most Ridiculous Moments In Poker" where we'll be showing you some of the weirdest, douchiest and funniest stuff from televised poker. And so before the due is in any way furthered, lets jump right into it with the first five clips we picked for our opening episode. Sit back and enjoy, I most certainly did!


#1 - Clueless People in a $10,000 Tournament

This is actually one of my most favorite poker clips of all-time. These two hands are from 2006 WSOP Main Event and just show how soft the field is this tournament is. While one guy mixes up a flush with a straight, it is the clueless the lady holding "a straight with three hearts" that takes the gold prize.


#2 - Worst Fold Ever?

The funniest part about the following clip is probably the fact that mr. Fishburger, sorry, Frankenberger, is a two-time bracelet winner (he beat Phil Ivey heads-up to win one of those) with a World Poker Tour title to his name as well. Just watch how this guy takes the "raise for information" crap to a level never seen before:


#3 - Random WSOP Douchery

This is a true late Day 5 special from the 2012 WSOP Main Eevent. The random American amateur blow-up or the absolutely douchey Swede? I really wonder who is your favorite in this hand. My hero is surely Gable who won my heart with his bustout interview where he defended his actions by saying that it made no sense for him going to the Day 6 with a below average stack. Dumping it all is better I guess.


#4 - Terrible 3-Bet Bluff

Similarly to Andy Frankenbeger from one of the previous clips, Brandon Cantu also has 2 WSOP bracelets, a WPT tilte... and an award for having timing worse than a soviet clock. Seriously, this is probably one of the worst 3-bet bluffs I have ever seen. Starting the hand with 48 BBs, Cantu decides to 3-bet to 9,5 BBs in position, having a short stack behind him and leaving himself in a super weird almost-commited spot that left him tanking for over 5 minutes.


#5 - Hilton Laborda The Slowroll Dude

Having numerous clips of his performance from WSOP ME 2011, Hilton Laborda has been labelled by many as the worst player to have ever entered the WSOP Main Event. I am not even comment on this particular one, just watch:


Do not forget to share this with your friends and more importantly, let us know in the comments which one did you like the most and what is your take on the weird hands you just witnessed! :)

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