The Other Side

The Amaya VIP changes story was by far the last's week's most discussed topic. Was everything said already? Hardly. In this special weekly recap, we are going to look at the OTHER SIDE of things.

The impossibility of both Christians and Muslims being right at the same time constantly reminds us that just because a lot of people believe something to be true, it does not tell us jack whether it actually is. Even if that "lot" is billions of individuals worldwide. The forums on 2+2 and TiltBook posts are filled with anger and rage regarding the upcoming changes and somewhat naturally, we all agree with them.

But let's stop for a moment and look at some of the posts that actually dig the changes - and hear their arguments. You can click on each post in order to address it or leave your opinion in the comments here.

They can do as they please

Greedisgood (what an epic username given the context) raises an interesting point saying that even though these changes might be bad, it is well within the rights of PokerStars to implement whatever changes they like. After all, it is their company, not ours, isn't it?


The golden age of poker is here

While many threaten to stop playing and leave PokerStars completely in 2016, for xbubu123 these changes are actually the beggining of a new golden age of poker. Where others feel betrayed, frustrated and lacking any motivation, xbubu finds an encouragement to put in tons of volume.


A bunch of little crying whiners

In another heated debate on the issue, greedisgood points out that online poker players have been treated well too good over the years, so much that we all became way too used to our sweet comfy lifestyles - to the extent that when a one change we dislike is introduced, we basically turn into a bunch of lil crybabies. Can that possibly be the case?


And as such, Seda16 poses the question:


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