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TiltBook Elite is an exclusive club of the most prominent members and posters you can find among thousands and thousands registered on the site. It is only the best, most frequent and highest quality posters who make it to TiltBook Elite. Its members can compete in loads of extra promos for more and more money with additional features coming soon.

Wanna be in a part of TiltBook's most prominent club? Wanna be the BEST out of 12,700 members, have everyone look up to you with the words "I want to be like him!" and win money along the way? We won't hold you back!

The complete list of elites is always avalible at http://tiltbook.com/TopEliteUsers/

How to become a TiltBook Elite member?

Since September we have decided to close watch all the TiltBook members to determine who has what it takes to be the best! How to make it into TiltBook Elite? Post as much as you can, as much great stuff as you can and make us proud! That is right. This is a poker social network after all. We want to see you posting, posting good stuff and posting good stuff regarding poker. Whether it is your graph, hands, results, thoughts on what is going on in the poker world, GIFs, ideas, suggestions or silly poker jokes, as long as you are being active providing your followers with interesting stuff to read, your membership in TiltBook Elite is just a matter of time!

Why should I want to become a TiltBook Elite member?

Well, for some, just the idea of having an opportunity to be the best is more than enough. To join a club where only a handful is allowed can be considered quite an accomplishement. We do understand however, that these days it is always money that does the most of the talking, so we made sure there's enough motivation for everyone.

How much money can I win with TiltBook Elite?

Loads! Making it to TiltBook Elite itself can be quite profitable on its own but we also run a series of promotions to give you more:

$250 will be divided among 3 randomly drawn top 10 users and 2 out of top 10 at the end of September.
$ 50 was awarded in our TiltBook Elite guessing game we ran between 14/09 and 20/09.
$ 50 will be awarded to the user who can jump up the most spots between 20/09 and 26/09.

Read more here.

MORE money is ready for grabs in our upcoming promotions regarding TiltBook Elite.

Now you know all you need, make us proud!

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  • 32 supernova Elites
  • And players who actually win pre-rakeback
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