TiltBook Elite: Climb up the ladder and win $50

With winners of the last week’s TiltBook Elite guessing game just about to be announced, we would first like to let you know there is another one starting right now! We want to have the best users here on TiltBook and we want YOU to be the best!

This’s weeks promo lasting from Saturday to Friday 23:59 CET is all about climbing the TiltBook Elite ladder up to the top!
The winner of this week’s $50 will be the user who’ll make the highest jump in the TB Elite leaderboard.


A) Ballsack is currently 17th in the TiltBook Elite leaderboard out of 27 elites. By the end of the promo he managed to get to 8th place. He jumped a total of 9 places from 17th to 7th.

B) Horseshagger  has not logged in to TiltBook at all during the promo and has fallen out of the TiltBook Elite. He is a complete douche who does not deserve anything anyway, so screw that guy! What was he doing in the TiltBook Elite in first place?

C) Fartburger is currently not in the TiltBook Elite at all. By the end of the promo he will make 12th place out of total 27 elites. He did better than Ballsack as he jumped 16 other players to reach this spot.

If these were the only three contestants, Fartburger would win.

How to become a TiltBook Elite and move up the spots?

There is a special secret formula we came up with to rate the quality of our posters which we cannot tell you much about. All you need to know is that the highest rated are those users who post a lot of quality posts and statuses in English :) Certainly do not be like that Horseshagger guy!

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