TiltBook Fees and Pricing Update

Full TiltBook access starting at only $19,99 a month – introducing a brand new pricing scheme that we believe will cater to all of our members, high stakes pros and recreationals alike!

Over the past few weeks we have been super busy discussing and developing our fees structure we all have been so eager to FINALLY put in place. We have taken into consideration all your feedback and ideas and after a thorough analysis, we came up with something we believe you will all like and what will make TiltBook an even more awesome site than it already is. While so far it was thanks to you and your posts, now it’s going to be thanks to you, your posts AND your money!

We know that this is a kind of a new thing for all of you, as for it is for us. That is why we won’t go through all of the details right now. We just wanted to share this piece of news to make you as excited as we are. In the next couple of days we will bring all the detailed information about the payment options as well as the exact prices. For now, we are extremely happy to announce that from now on, you will be able to enjoy TiltBook as it is now for as low as $19,99 a month, given that you buy our „Loyal 5-Years Minimum“ package. This will also earn you a special badge visible to everyone and a 2% discount in our upcoming TiltBook VIP shop.

Another thing you might have noticed is that David Baazov recently stepped down as the CEO of Amaya. Baazov has been a long-time TiltBook fan and the timing here is not a coincidence. You might already feel like you know where this is going and yes. Tommorow, the poker news sites around the world will bring out the exciting news of Amaya Gaming Group officially acquiring TiltBook, with David Baazov as our new CEO! Naturally, more info about that will be released very, very soon.

Now, I understand that plenty of you will be a little surprised about this. That is why I am gonna let Masuronike explain:

I am fully aware that I made some very mad comments about Amaya in the past. It’s nothing more than a joke. I mean my comments, not the company.  I was a out of line before, but who wasn’t. I am not proud of some of the stuff I said or what kind of a guy I used to be. But a number of weeks and bank transfers later, I can tell you I am now a much wiser and a much richer man.“

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