TiltBook has reached 15k users - Fun facts included

It has indeed happened! We could not believe it ourselves but TiltBook has now reached more members than Hugh Hefner playmates! We would like to thank and congratulate each any every one of you for being a part of our little big poker community and we can hope we can live up to your expectations in the future. Since our conception we have grown faster than Charlie Sheen’s drinking problem and we will do our best to continue this trend.

We are very proud and more than happy that we’ve been able to connect 15,000 people from dozens of countries all around the world via the game we all love, from occasional freeroll players through low and mid-stakes grinders all the way to some of the biggest crushers in the game, including sponsored players, professional coaches, SuperNova Elites and PokerStars PROs. We could go on and on for ages about what TiltBook is and what it has turned into, but we decided it would be better to put it all in a cool little video clip:

Of course, it would not be our style if we just rambled about how great you all are and haven’t backed up our words with some sort of a promo. While we can’t reveal all the details just yet, TiltBook has partnered with one of the online poker rooms to bring you our third tournament series in April that will be bigger than ever! Again you can expect a bunch of cool tourneys with different fun structures, tournament leaderboard and, of course, loads of added money!

Meanwhile, we also have a plenty of super interesting AskThePRO guests ready for the future so you can expect a chance to win $20 each week just for posting a single question. You are more than welcome to read some of the earlier ones including an interview with the all-time VPPs leader and Team PokerStarsPRO George „Jorj95“ Lind III at http://tiltbook.com/askthepro/. Also, if you are rather new to TiltBook or feel like you are not able to really sink into the community, try our „Guide to Getting Followers“ in order to make yourself a little more visible around the site. Oh and if you are not a member yet or just haven’t been too active in the past, introduce yourself to the community! We will pick the best introduction next week and award it with $50!

We would like to thank everyone once again for all the support and participation so far and we hope our community will continue to grow! 

  • 23285 users
  • 32 supernova Elites
  • And players who actually win pre-rakeback
  • They all share their poker lives on TiltBook
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