TiltBook's Member of the Year!

Since it was Masuronike who won the 7-bet challenge in our X-Mas homegames and I don't want to let this filthy rich pig get even richer, I subtly convinced him to give away his $30 to what I came up as the Member of the Year award.

My evil plan backfired completely though, as he loved the idea and I am now stuck here with writing this long-ass post in order to find the winner... and that is just a fraction of the work I gotta do here. That's why i'll gladly share. I carefully picked 10 of what I consider to be our most promising members and I would like you to cast your votes by sending me (Scarmaker) a PM with the name of your hero! Let's get right to it guys, let's pick our very first ever Memeber of the Year!


Winner of the vote will get $25
One random voter will win $5


The nominees for TiltBook's Member of the Year 2015 are:

#1 - Jdawg91

As consisent in his posting as his grinding routine, Jdawg91 never ceases to amaze with his graphs full of volume and epic swings as well as random pics of him partying with what I assume are females.


#2 - livbeoree

While we got to know about the real liv only in the last couple of days, the man behind this legendary account has been supplying us with hilarious fruits of one of the best trolls in the history of online poker throughout the year .


#3 - abarone68

Another one of the SNE kind, abarone68 is both one of the nicest AND the most successful guys on the website, posting regularly, streaming on Twitch and always willing to engage in a friendly banter or a serious debate.


#4 - gavin555

A bit under the radar, gavin always manages to crack me up with a funny bit or a GIF, a skill he has won several Joker of the Week awards for. He is also a vital part of a staking group and has always been more than willing to help our members in that area of poker.

"getting hero called by a random"


#5 - final

The man who makes you feel fuzzy and warm in the world of TiltBook. Final has manually followed every single member on the website, is this year's leader in the number of posted comments and he always welcomes the new members with a couple of nice words.


#6 - Elliot

Probably the only hypnotherapist on the site, Elliot Roe has done podcasts with a number of our members including interviewing myself, devoting an entire episode to TiltBook. Elliot regularly posts interesting mindset-related material and is always very nice and willing to answer any questions!


#7 - pokerlife2k9

The absolute king of the GIFs and an all-time leader in the number of Joker of the Week titles, no one has managed to amass as many likes in 2015 on his posts as the one and only pokerlife2k9!



#8 - Sentin

A Heads-up and Spin specialist who has been posting loads of crucial material on the theory of these formats and has been supernice day in and day out. The author of the "Bish, where is my money" classic, Sentin has also won a number of Joker of the Week awards with his hilarious posts. He is simply an all-around dude!


#9 - Alficor1

One of the most active and most consistent members of our TiltBook Elite club, Alficor1 is the guy you either absolutely love or hate, but even when you hate him, you cannot stop cracking up at his witty trolls and whatnot.


#10 - epiphany77

By far the most successful player on all of TiltBook, this UK prodigy is something else. He is an absolute inspiration for all of us and never ceases to amaze with his absolutely unique character and style.


Send the number and the name of your winner to Scarmaker and let us help choose TiltBook's best member of 2015! Once again - one of you voters will get $5 for your efforts. We will let this run for a couple of days and the see who claims the title!

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