TWO TiltBook freerolls every day!

Are you tired of busting out of TiltBook freerolls without cashing? We have great news for you! For the second half of May starting tonight we are doubling up the amount of Daily TiltBook Freerolls so that you can play TWO of them each and every day and have twice the chance of earning yourselves some cash!

From now on untilt the end of May the schedule of Daily TiltBook Freerolls is changed to:

16th – 31st May - 18:00 CET – Daily TiltBook Freeroll, $20 Added
16th – 31st May - 22:00 CET – Daily TiltBook Freeroll, $20 Added

All the other conditions and details about the tournaments remain the same inculding a maximum of 1,000 runners, tournament structure and no late registration.

The password will be, as always, revealed 5 – 10 minutes before the start of each tournament in the header of TiltBook, right next to it’s logo to all Rank 1+ users.

ID: 733089859 - 733089890
Freeroll Name: Daily TiltBook Freeroll
Prizepool: $20
Section: Tournaments/Private
Start: 16th - 31st May at 18:00 AND 22:00 CET 
Password: Only for users with Rank 1 (or higher)


How to reach Rank 1?

  1. Add a profile picture = 5 points

  2. Fill out all your account details = 45 points

  3. Post first status on your wall = 3 points

  4. All previous three actions = RANK1

  5. Time required = maybe 30 seconds

Also please keep in mind, that it takes a little while before your points and your Rank update, so do not panic if you are not Rank 1 right away after you have met the requirements.

We wish you all the best of luck and we hope you enjoy our freerolls!


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