Weekend recap: Final table of Sunday Million for TiltBook!

Libormar and KidPokerSLO represented TiltBook well. Final table from Sunday Million, title from MicroMillions and many more in hits over the weekend!

Libormar finished 9th in SM

Czech MTT grinder Libormar usually plays in the morning, but yesterday he had a feeling and changed his habit. He started his session late in the evening, Sunday Million included, and ran all the way to the final table. Sadly, he was shortstack while going to the FT and didnt manage to double his chips and stay longer. Anyway, result of $12,874 is definitely nice and congratulations!

Libormar FT

TiltBook didn't have a Sunday Million final table since Epakfailer, who had two of them in one month. Epakfailer finished better, once he was in final deal and second time he busted on 6th place. Who is going to beat Epak and Libor now?

MicroMillions title for KidPokerSLO

KidPokerSLO from Slovenia is now an official champion of MicroMillion series. In $2,22 2x rebuy turbo he beated field of almost 20k players and took home $18,273! This is the biggest hit from the weekend and one of the biggest for TiltBook in general. Gratz!

KidPokerSLO Champion

Hunaczech was also close from final tabling MicroMillions aswell, but in the $3,30 Heads-ups he finished "only" 4th and won $1.152. Dvoriak had a nice visit in France. First, he won €10 6-max club for €1.099 and then was close to much bigger hit, but he had to satisfy with €1.671 for 6th place in the Classico. 

Really wealthy weekend for TiltBook. Want to be included in next list? Brag about your hits on your wall, we sure won't miss you and put you in the summary!

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