Weekend recap: Over 20k for Radazatl (again)

Successful weekend for many of TiltBookers. Radazatl found is old heater and keeps bringing big hits for our site - last sunday he took down Bigger $22. But others were not behind including TiltBook only heads-up.


If you are Radazatl, no tourney is a problem for you. Czech player continues in great form and is taking down tournament after tournament. Last sunday, after 12 hours and 9293 players left behind in The Bigger $22 he sat on the throne and after made deal took $24.209 with him.

Still it is not his year biggest, earlier in January he finished 5th in one of the TCOOP events and won 34k and alot of more smaller wins. What a year for Radazatl so far.


Taska85 had success on other site than PokerStars. On the 888 poker and their major he didnt beat just one player and after finishing second he is richer by $16.486.
Two TiltBookers, sposimgood and leFRoooG (who runs as michals1 on Stars), met in the $13.50 ko and after almost even deal they increased they cashier by $2.201 and $2.082 + made KOs. We hope it was a friendly HU!

Earlier this weekend, push0rdie won the $22 1R1A for $6.993. Huca is going to make a trip to Ireland after winning package to Irish Open, we wish you good luck in the country of full of luckers (and gingers).

And don't miss the blogs! Alot of them were published on the site in last few days.

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Want to be included in next list? Brag about your hits on your wall, we sure won't miss you and put you in the summary!

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