Weekend recap: Third places everywhere

It is not that productive weekend, but the bigger are the hits! Third place in $109 1R1A Turbo for 5 figures or another third place in the Hotter $11 for Spiritmonger!

Aequitas, player from Finland, is not so active on TiltBook yet. But after posting his win for $11.770 in the $109 cubed turbo he is sure getting some followers and attention. It is also a biggest hit for him lifetime. Hopefully we can expect some more "big-hits" screenshots in the future. 

5 Figures to Finland!

Spiritmonger from Czech was also successful in the turbo fields. After beating 9882 players he captured a win for $7.411. As he claimed on TiltBook, he tried to make a deal few times, but other players refused. Could have been probably more, but who is gonna cry over 7k dollars, right? Matfyzak(Spiritmonger) and 7,5k

And we are going to stay at the turbos and third places. Slovakian MACHi managed to finish third in the $1.10 3x-turbo and after 6 hours had bigger amount in cashier $3.544. Congratz! 

How to increase your volume

Also interesting blog was published by Masuronike. If you are struggling to get good volume, definitely read this great article and help yourself and get more tournaments and hours in. Quality read!



Want to be included in next list? Brag about your hits on your wall, we sure won't miss you and put you in the summary!



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