When Your Dream Job Blows...

...you call it a dream blowjob! In this very special edition of Scarmaker's weekly recap, we will look into the art in question and we will go as deep as we possibly can.

You watch your Darvin Moons and Jamie Golds on EPTs, WPTs, WSOPs and you get all excited: "It's my dream to get there, I will be the next filthy rich champion and a living legend!" So, after watching your EPTs, WPTs, WSOPs, you fire up some tables online and before you know it, you get DPd. DPd hard. You get penetrated pre-flop, you get penetrated post-flop, right to the point where you can feel the sweat mixed with other substances all over your face. And as darkspace0 points out, that is:


alwayswin222 not always winning

This sit & go crusher knows what is going on and particularly during the last stages of a SuperNova Elite hunt the poker dream often turns into an absolute nightmare - as is in the case of alwayswin222.


The French are getting crazy

Yet, the game still draws everyone into it. Remember sydneysyd, whose 78-year old father-in-law rocked the TiltBook's 3rd Anniversary freeroll and outlasted all those SNEs and top regs? Well, the poker boom it caused in the family was so huge that even their cat got intrigued!


livbeorees gonna livbeoree

Some of the humble poker enthusiasts do not need much. They do not dream about becoming a poker legend, for them just meeting a poker legend is a dream come true. Especially when that "poker legend" is some douche pretending to be a superhot rocking astrophysicist turned EPT crusher.


When a misclick goes well. Twice.

Thankfully, in our business there are some vice-versa moments when what originally appears to be a poker nightmare eventually turns into an absolute dream - like in the case of noogaii, who terribly misclicked into a wrong game and then shipped it. Twice in a row.


dunlop_420 is our Joker of the Week!

Of all the brilliant pieces dunlop posted in the last couple of days, this is the brilliantest!


Moral of the Week!

Today we will end this with a something little bit different that requires your participation! While all the attention regarding Nopaleva is on his recent sick final tables, he apparently agreed to technically "chop" a spin & go as reported by PumaPerez:

By doing this, Nopaleva basically participated in chip dumping - a thing as against the rules of online poker rooms, as it can possibly get. So the question is:

Was this an honorable gesture by Nopaleva that should be honored or should he be punished for blatantly chip dumping while chopping a tourney that isn't supposed to be chopped?

You are the judge, leave your comment!

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