Win Coaching From NL5000's Epiphany77!

At the beginning of March, we here are TiltBook are giving all our members a great opportunity to win some coaching from one of our most successful members - Epiphany77! Click this up for MOOOOAR information.

The shortest month of the year is now over and by the way it swept through like Michael Schumacher on Ferrari skis it felt like the shortest one indeed - not a single grind was given when it comes to me personally. Thankfully, I am not the one you can win the coaching from! While TiltBook's very own Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel is not doing much coaching these days due to being lazy fuck busy, he agreed to give away 1 hour of his wisdom totally free just for this promotion!

All that is required for you to do in order to have your chance is to post your February graph in our 2015 Montlhy Graphs group. Whether you are microstakes turn or a high stakes monster like our friend Charlie here (playing up ot NL5000), winning big or being in red like it's that time of the month, it does not matter - everyone has an equal chance to win coaching from Epiphany, who, among other things has already experience with coaching as well as with doing vids for Gripsed.com. We will pick the winner randomly in a week or so :)

And if that does not feel convicing, just pause everything for a moment, taking a deep breath and consider the following question: Who, on earth, would not want to get some coaching from this guy:

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