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We have just released our brand new Hand Converter allowing you to post hands in a much better-looking fashion, easy and peasy and for everyone to see! That why our this week's featured promo will be all about posting hands, good or bad, lucky or unlucky.

Rules are as simple as ever - post at least 1 valid hand through our converter (you can find it on the right side of your Home page or at http://tiltbook.com/HandConverter/Add/ ).

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Wanna be in a part of TiltBook's most prominent club? Wanna be the BEST out of 12,700 members AND win money along the way? In September it is your special chance to do it!

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Post as much as you can, as much great stuff as you can and make us proud!

We are extending out TiltBook Elite list and at the end of the month, we will pick 3 users out of Top 10 and 2 other elites that will earn $50!

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