Comparing two, not so different, worlds

 photo Trki: The TiltBook developer and weekend poker player. http://trki.sk
I am a part of this great community for more then a year and i have the opportunity to see how poker players live their lives. Not only as an user on tiltbook watching cool graphs and narcis statuses asking for likes (seda16) by also as a man who have for his great boss an awesome poker player and CEO of TB (masuronike) but also as a friend of the next supernova elite and nicest person on the Earth (from the inner no outside look... ) opice10. As you know i am a programmer and in this blog i would like to compare two worlds... world of the poker player and world of the programmer. This is actually my first blog on TB if i do not count many blogs created during testing this feature from the programmer side. This blog should has a motivation purpose (if someone would miss that). Let's do this!

Poker world

There are two types of poker players imo.

First group are players that have usually broken day. I mean most of them wake up at midnight after a drink party with friends, order a pizza, grab a beer from a fridge and start to grind. From time to time they study a little be but most of the time they think that they already learned everything and are the best everyone else are fishes. Dream job ha?

The second group are people like masuronike,  opice10 and many many others i will not name them because i can't say for sure of it's their lifestyle but because i know opice10 very well i will feel free to speak about his day. Hope you don't mind buddy. These people know exactly what they want and they are working on it. Many people think when they see their graphs that the world is a beatiful place, they just winning and smile.

(masuronike's sick run)

But many of us do not completely understand what is on the other side of the coin. 

This graphs does not represent just money and sick run... you are looking on hundreds and hundreds hours of study and sitting in the front of the computer with incredibly strong mindset. I do remember last year that wasn't easy for masuronike because he was a lot like... a lot of money under EV + he has son, wife and TB responsibilities. 

Okay that's nice Trki so they have study for a while, they had few downwings and then they earned 40K $... easy. I want to do this as well. Well... let's look at opposite graph...

This graph belongs to the next fantastic player IlS007 (hope you don't mind) and was posted on tiltbook few days ago. How would you feel if you would lost a fucking 30K $ ? In next few sentences I will explain how non poker things from outside the world have a direct impact on poker players game.

How would your psychic handle IIS007 graph?

I don't know how you guys but i would probably shoot myself. Okay maybe not but i do remember when i was 18 years old i did hit 6K $ for third place (that stupid bastard that kicked me won with AT against my AQ i think...still remember as it was yesterday because i had the most of the chips and first player takes something about 10K ?) on pokerstars in 1$ rebuy tourney (30K garanted) that runs every day. I was sooo happy but i was soooooo stupid... as many people I wasn't an exception I have thought that world belongs to me and I have started playing cashgames... blinds? well... for start 25NL or 100NL (it's 0.25/0.5$ and 0.5/1$ blinds right?)...then i had a fight with my exgirlfriend + situation at home was not nice when i was young (still isn't but i don't care anymore, not living there) and my parents were always fighting (not like a SB vs BB...just arguying) so i wanted to win more money and leave the house, left girlfriend and find someone let's say... her?

Well what to do... only one way to go... dealer deal me in! Trki decided to play cash game on 25$/50$ blinds with 3K in front of him. It was actually an easy game with a lot of stess... on these blinds there are a lot of business men with low understanding of poker that like to gamble... I played tight because let's face it I WAS RISKING 3K OMG! but it was pretty easy game. Then i had few good hands so i started playing little more agro and won some pots, stole some blinds and then i found a nice pair of quens in my hand from UTG i think. I had minraised and a villain called. The flop? Sweet as Liv Boeree's lips. There was something like J 4 6 ? I checked opponent decided to bet i re-raised him and he called. On turn appeared a six or something. Long story short there was a pair on the board so i had two pairs. I checked because i knew my opponent and i knew that he had knew i bluffed few hands before. (what a sentence omg right?). So he did... he bet i pushed all in. As i knew... he had too two pairs... a fucking fours and sixes... total pot about 7K? yeeey. BAAANG river 4... bey bey Trki. I played it well... i was favorite and i lost. This was just a one hand! Imagine know how many of these hands these players have to play? And they play much bigger limits...with swings about 30K as you can see. Still easy? Not so much ha? I would like to exhibit my pure admiration to these players! I can't even imagine how strong mindset you have to have. 

Okay that's enough about mindset and money. Let's look at the day of opice.

He wakes up at 5pm and goes running. For a breakfast he eats some fresh fruits and vegetables. After that (depends on a day in week) comes study or grind (about 8-12hours a day). Some days are easy (hotruns) some of them are not... few days ago he PM me with not so great mood that he experiences bad downwing and that he needs to take few days off. This repeats and repeats. He is great player, wins a lot of money but to be honest how many of us are prepared to study for hours, wake up early and play || study ? I know that masuronike wakes up at 7 i think too? It's definely not so cool as you think it is. When i was two weeks ago in Prague in opice10 flat I saw a lot of poker stuff under his desk with numbers and ranges etc. I saw also other things in his apartment but let's stay legal. It's not just a job, it's a lifestyle and it requires a lot of patient and sacrifies if you wanna be truly good in it.) They need to study so they can beat the tables and limits and always improving themselves because the game is always evolving. 

Okay that's enough of poker side. Let me show you the day of a programmer.

Programmer world

As in poker there are two groups of programmers.

First group are people that learned something (usually) in school, found a job. They came to the office do their work and then they leave and do something else. Sometimes they do something from home to the night, eat pizza during this process and drink redbull. (sounds familiar?)

What about the other group which is much more closer to my heart?

Let me introduce you my almost daily routine. 

I wake up at 6-7 starting the day with a morning run. (pretty new habbit but extremely good. You should try it). Then i make a breakfast and checking out the tiltbook news, facebook messages, twitter news. There I start. Twitter...programmers main source of news in my oppinion. I do divide facebook from twitter drasticly. Facebook - contacts, fun. Twitter ? I am trying to follow the right people, right organizations for newest news and tips because all the knowledge I have comes from hard trying and study from home because let's be honest if you wanna be good a school will not help you much. Oh yes and "Dan Blitzerian" because I think is healthy to raise your bloodflow in  the morning by opening twitter and seeing...:

Okay that's enogh! Stop looking at the picture and continue reading!

My twitter's feed:

After i read some news about frameworks and languages I use I move to the next stage: "Work".

Well I do work from home too as you guys but I would say we have it even harder then people that visit their offices because we inmediately start working and we have not much social contact and small talks that makes the process easier. Maybe at the morning in the supermarket saying: "Good day", "Here is my card", "Thank you, bey"... 

I remember when I have worked in UK for a summer ... making sandwiches... BLAH! But the small talks during the work and breaks was really helping me a lot and it wasfunny usually too.

When i work I need to think as a poker player has to... always making decisions what to do, how to do it, what is the best way, how to solve this, where the bug come from and how is possible that this code is not working etc... I would say we have one advantage against you and it's the decision process that not costs us money but on other hand when we implement the update to the real production enviroment (let's say tiltbook server) it's much more stressfull in that time then decide to fold/push. You can't do a mistake because when you do you fuck the service down for unknow amount of time and people would like to visit the site and use it not seeing 500 internal service error screen. It's a stressfull job as well.

What about the process when you write the code? 

We have to keep in head and visualize the entire process how it will works, what code does what, what are possible bugs, what is dangerous to do, what need to be take care of etc, etc etc thing like a chess player several steps to futher (that's why programmers usually know to play chess. No, it's big because we would be ugly and unsocial) and in that time some morron asks you something or something distructs you... ah I would kill in that moment. And you need to start visualize again from the begining.

Does it reminds you something? Poker players (even if they have HEM) need to remember the villain and know him. Remember what he does when etc (PS labels, right?)

I finish usually coding at 8PM ... or midnight depends on what i am working on because you can't just stop when you are in the middle of something. (Like a MTT). During that process when i work on multiple projects i need to switch the brain from language to language because every language like php or javascript and multiple frameworks etc everything has it's own syntax and logic and mentioning logic procedures that worked in one are totaly different then you need to do in another one.

What about study? As poker players we need to study regularly if we want to stay "up to date". This first half of April i spent with studying things about real time websites and apps and mobile layouts and mobile apps, tests, best practises etc etc.

We also need to have own coaches as poker players have that show us the best practises and tricks. 

What about the money? 

Well... you earn more but it depends on limit you play... a programmer can't earn 10K $ in a day but he also can't lost 10k $ in a day. On the other hand if we have an idea we can code it selfs and that's a big plus for us. For example currently I am working on an awesome real time application (web + android mobile app) and I truly believe it will break the way studends learn.

I am also working on a project with my mentor (who build funradio site) for programmers and when we will sell it we'll earn a lof of money I believe! And I can't imagine how much money I would need to spend if I would need to hire someone for these projects.

But it's again not only about the money. It's a lifestyle. You wake up you code, you go sleep you code, you have friends you talk about code do a lot of activities like checking twitter, collaborating with others on cool features for existing open source projects etc.

Okay this blog is kind of longer then i thought but the yesterday's writing of documentation part of the project I am working on with my friend somehow boosted me hh.


It's not important if you are a poker player or a programmer imo. What is important is what feelings you experiences doing it. If you know that playing poker or writing code and working on yourself makes you happy then do it! Nothing else matter. As you can see both paths are extremely hard but the motivation inside us and the desire to always grow and be better and better and better and beat the projects, beat the tables that is the right source of motivation! 

So my last sentence would be: Keep working on yourself, study hard, always improve, never stop  and definely never give up when something is not easy (downswing, server cache, code tests)  or go home and drink beer with your friends and complain how life is hard or how the fish hited 2outs on the river.


So I am going to right now master the "unit tests"



(and other paied resources, believe me it's harder then it looks like) and you... sit out from the table and STICK YOUR HEAD INSIDE THE ICIMIZER RIGHT NOW! :)

I wish you all an awesome,successfull day and hopefully someone will find this article useful :)

PS: If you would like to set up a pasive regular income contact me. I am a part of great project that offers it. Offer is handy for players with big income as well as for microstakes grinders. (Entry is only 139$).

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