Tiltbook's Best Movie Tournament

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Hey guys & girls, I have been thinking about a fun little project to do on tiltbook, and with enough interest I hope this becomes a success :)

Beisides poker, movies are my passion. i just love watching a great movie, then discussing it inside and out with my mates, comparing our top movies and debating on who are the best actors/directors etc *cough* Kubrick *cough* :)

Thats why I would like to do a bracket style tournament, featuring imdb.com's top 250 movies of all time. We'll put movies head to head and we'll all vote for our favourite of the 2, until we are down to the eventual winner. I will also put movies into seeds, so that movies high up on the list wont battle each other until we get down to the nitty gritty (if they make it that far)

To balance out the brackets, the top 6 movies will freeroll into the 2nd round automatically.


If this shows positive feedback, i will generate an offical tournament at challonge.com 

Sample tournament bracket

 Like i said if this sparks interest i will do it, so please show your support for this by liking/commenting/sharing, along with your own personal top 5 movies :) Let's make it happen!


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