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 photo uzairhotiana: Well i am a student and i play poker for both fun and money
Fall and Rise of uzairhotiana at poker stars :D

I started playing poker on zynga and i got addicted with it after a while i wanted to play for money so i made an account on poker stars and tried to win in the freerolls at first the 72 ticket freerolls but no luck then i decided to deposit 10 $ in it then i played and lost it all then again i put 10 $ and so on like this i doposited 250 $ in total but no luck the reason was i was depositing 10 10 10 10 and that was the main problem then i realised my mistake and deposited 250 at once now i started playing MTTs cuz they were so tempting and the prize was huge but still no luck and as the time passed i lost most of my money and i was left with 4 $ and as usual to lose it all i registered in the 1 $ REBUY tournament i went in late and so i played very patiently i even foleded AA couple of time before the bubble and then finally i was in the bubble so from the i started playing aggressively as most players do kept stealing blinds untill AA came to me and an all in from anther player and i called it he had AJ lost that hand and finnised 12 and got 247.81 $ from there i started again and now i am on 1389 $ and hope to increase it but i am not taking any risks i play all the free rolls just for fun and the league so good luck to you at the tables and PATIENCE has helped me a lot it will do you good too 

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