Betfair’s Jackpot SNG Series Offers Amazing Prizes for your SNG Winning Streaks!

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Betfair is introducing the Jackpot SNG series, where you can win massive prizes by stringing together a series of SNG wins in four different categories within a 14 day period.

The Fort Knox Jackpot rewards players with a minimum €35,000 prize if they win six consecutive Fort Knox SNGs.  The buyin is €40, and the Jackpot increases by €7,000 if it’s not won in the first week.  There is a consolation prize of €500 to a player who finishes 1st or 2nd place in six consecutive Fort Knox SNGs.

The Rio prize is a jackpot of €20,000 paid for winning six €20 Rio SNGs in a row.  This jackpot increases by $10,000 if it isn’t won in the first week.  There is also a consolation prize of €200 for players who place 1st or 2nd in six consecutive Rio SNGs.

The Maui Jackpot rewards players with a minimum €10,000 prize if they win five consecutive Maui SNGs.  Maui SNGs are €5 buyin ten-handed SNGs and €5,000 is added to the Jackpot if nobody wins it in the first week.   There is also a €150 prize for players who finish either 1st or 2nd in five consecutive Maui SNGs.

The Dirty Dozen Jackpot is a nice €2,000 prize for players who win four €2.40 buyin Dirty Dozen SNGs in a row.  Dirty Dozen’s are two table, 6-handed SNGs where the winners of each tables battle heads-up for first place.

For more details, please view the Terms and Conditions on the official page here.  The Jackpot SNG series is just another excellent reason to join Betfair.  Betfair offers a 200% up to $2,000 First Deposit Bonus and up to 50% in VIP rewards in addition to the €12k Natural Born Grinders Cash Race, the €12k SNG Gold Rush Race, the €10k Twister SNG and the €100 Cash Quest.  For more information please see our Promotion Review here.  For any other questions or to discuss your personal rakeback deal please contact us here.

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