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If you take one thing away from this article, let it be this: You could be earning over 100% rakeback at Coral Poker, William Hill or Betfair.

As of February, iPoker.com has switched from a weighted contributed (WC) rake allocation scheme to a half WC, half source based rake (SBR) method. In short, the important thing to understand is that players who lose at the tables will have more than their share of rake attributed to them, while winning players will have less.

While these changes should make the games softer, they also raise questions about the new value of promotions, VIP rewards and personal deals. We continue to offer our players top value on their personal deals, and we hope that the information below will alleviate any concerns you may have. As always, for any other issues or to discuss your personal deal at any partner site please contact us here.

Firstly, all players on Coral Poker, William Hill and Betfair are eligible for VIP-Grinders Rewards.  Our rewards program gives you extra value in three main ways: through our Milestones Bonus, our $25000 VIP Leaderboards and our $100k Grand Masters Leaderboard. All three promotions are awarded based on WC rake.

Our Milestones Bonus (see here for more details) tracks your progress on monthly and yearly tiers and awards up to 7.5% extra value on top of your personal deal. Furthermore, our $25000 leaderboards give you the chance to earn from 10-30% rakeback based on your placement on the leaderboard (see here). Finally, our $100k Grand Masters Leaderboard (more information here) is open to all players and awards a total of 3 $15000 World Series of Poker packages in addition to a massive $55000 in further cash prizes.

The highlight of our Coral Poker VIP deal is the VIP bonus. All players receive a minimum of 50% rakeback, with 55% going to players raking above $500 and 60% going to players raking more than $1250. The VIP bonus is calculated using the SBR method.

All of our other promotions on Coral Poker continue to run on the WC rake method. Firstly, our players receive a 100% up to $300 First Deposit Bonus that clears at 27%. This bonus is not deducted from VIP rewards. Finally, our players have access to our two $10000 Exclusive leaderboards which gives players the chance to earn another 10% in value back.

All in all, our players can expect to earn a minimum of 50% rakeback. After considering the First Deposit Bonus, the Exclusive Leaderboard and VIP-Grinders Rewards, you could earn even more than 100% rakeback with good leaderboard rankings.

To find out more about Coral Poker please view our promotion review here  and our network reviewhere.


Our players on William Hill receive a minimum of 50% in rakeback through the VIP bonus. Players raking more than $500 receive 55%, while those raking more than $2000 receive 60%. This bonus is also paid according to the SBR method.

All other promotions are calculated based on the WC method. Players can earn another 7% extra through  our William Hill Exclusive Chase. Our players can expect a minimum of 50% in rakeback which could go above 100% rakeback through VIP-Grinders Rewards and the Exclusive Chase.

Please see our William Hill Promotion Overview here for full details.

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Unlike with Coral and William Hill, all VIP deals on Betfair continue to be paid according to WC rake. Players receive a huge 200% up to $2000 First Deposit Bonus that clears at 20% and isn’t deducted from VIP Bonus. The VIP Bonus itself is worth 35% rakeback paid, granting players 55% rakeback for their first $10000 in rake.  After the FDB players are eligible for the Betfair Bank Job Bonus (see full details here), which offers 100% up to $300 also clearing at 20%.  This bonus can be requested monthly, meaning players can effectively receive 55% rakeback each month for their first $1500 rake.

On top of this, players have access to the €12000 Grinders Race worth 5-10% extra cashback as well as VIP-Grinders Rewards. Players can expect 55% rakeback for their first $10000 in rake (and the first $1500 rake in each month), with the possibility to earn from 72.5% to over 100% rakeback through good leaderboard performance.

For more information, please view our Betfair Promotion Overview here.

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